12 Hour Hibernation

Last night I did something I probably haven’t done in years: I slept for 12 hours. I still can’t believe I actually spent half of a day with my eyelids closed!

It all started with this ache in my eye that appeared just after lunch. I wasn’t sure why or how this happened at the time, but I did notice that being on my computer or in any bright rooms made me feel uncomfortable. It wasn’t until after dinner that the ache bloomed into what I realized was a half-grown migraine (thank you, TOM). I immediately took down an Advil, rushed through my evening chores around the house, jumped into my most comfortable jammies, brushed my teeth, turned off all the lights, closed the curtains (because it was still bright out!) and crawled into bed at 6:50 pm. I believe I was asleep by 7 pm.

I probably would have gotten up at 5 am, but after my fiance was dressed and ready to leave for his morning hike, he decided to skip because he was incredibly tired, and apparently so was the dog as he didn’t step off the couch at all! So I closed my eyes and was asleep again, this time until past 7 am.

How am I feeling this morning? Pretty groggy! From what I’ve learned, there’s two ways to make me tired: not sleeping enough and sleeping too much. 7.5-8.5 hours is my golden block of sleep, I think, and obviously I went way past that. So as you can imagine, I drowned myself in, like, 20 cups of tea this morning. (Okay, so maybe I was exaggerating on the 20 cups part. But still, it was a lot more than I typically drink in the a.m.)


Bloggy notes: On most days, I have my blog typed up to be published later, but as last night proved, sometimes I can’t stay awake to that time to modify changes if and when they happen. So, from now on, I will blog in my food journal a day later as recaps. I will, however, continue to log my exercise on the day of.


Um, none.

In trying to take things slow and not overdo it, I actually planned today as a day off. Before I nodded off last night, I did think that I wanted to workout anyway today, but sleeping in this morning ended that line of thought.