Back to Business Tuesday Mumbo Jumbo

After three luxurious days of sleeping in and relaxing, the last thing I want to do was wake up early for a workout.

But after almost a week of no workouts, there was no way I could skip today – especially since my leg feels okay again. So I took my time (read: 45 minutes) in sending step-by-step instructions to each muscle and limb to get myself out of bed. It was painful, but I finally did it and got dressed.

“Proof” that I got out of bed. NOT easy!

And tried to act thrilled about it.



But not after drinking a few big swigs of coffee. <– lifesaver

Cat on my office chair again. That little guy is such a boss!

Cat on my office chair again. That little guy is such a boss!

I pumped out 2.12 miles on my walk today, which may not sound impressive, but what was spectacular about it was that I didn’t experience any pain. There was a slight discomfort that started almost from the beginning, but it felt more like a stretch than pain or ache. In all, I consider it a massive improvement! Now to see if my leg will feel good enough to workout tomorrow as well… Crossing my fingers over here! 🙂

Random scenes from yesterday:

05/26: Weekend coffees are the best

Getting ready for a breakfast date with my fiance ❤

05/26 Brekkie: egg white veggie omelette, buttered wheat toast, bowl of fruit. Not pictured: 1/2 slice of white toast with butter

05/26 dinner: carne asada taco with refried beans and Cholula, 3/4 ear of buttered corn, and steamed veggies. Not pictured: additional 3/4 ear of buttered corn





  • Coffee: 12 oz
  • Silk vanilla soy creamer: 1.5 tbsp
  • Water: 90 oz


  • Egg white veggie omelette
  • 2 slices wheat toast with butter
  • 1/2 slice white toast with butter
  • 1 cup fruit

Lunch [pic]

  • Carne asada with 2 tbsp refriend beans on corn tortilla topped with Cholula
  • 2 – 3/4 ears of corn (1.5 total?)
  • Steamed veggies


  • Strawberries with Greek yogurt (plus few shakes of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla extract, and a dribble of honey)

Losing Weight With Butter

While buttering my toast for breakfast this morning, I was thinking about how relaxed I feel this time in losing weight, mainly because, for one, I am not starving. And two, while yes I am eating healthier, my diet still contains yummy things like BUTTER and carbs (I heart you, bread)! The only things I cut out are confections and soda, because cakes, cookies, pies and all their wonderful friends in that category are my trigger foods, and diet soda makes me want to dive in a Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with cupcakes with my mouth open – after I drown myself with a family-sized bag of sour cream and onion flavored Ruffles. But anyway, I’m so happy sauteing my veggies in butter and spreading it on my toast, because not only is it super delicious, but it makes me feel more satisfied and I don’t feel deprived from eating that fat-free stuff, which I used to to eat religiously.

And with that, I leave you with this series of gifs that illustrate another viewpoint about food:


Have yourself a tasty day. 🙂

P.S. Just wanted to make myself clear and say that the amount of butter I eat can’t be measured in sticks, okay? I use like two pads per toast and to saute. A little bit goes a long way, and because of that, it doesn’t make sense to me to avoid it at all costs.


I was going to go for a walk this morning, but had to skip out because my leg was not happy this today. I’m aiming for Monday!



  • Jasmine tea: 20 oz
  • Water: 101.4 oz


  • 3/4 cup Fage 0% Greek Yogurt
  • Banana
  • 30g Special K Vanilla Almond cereal


  • Vietnamese: Grilled pork bun with 2 egg rolls


Sushi for dinner tonight! We found this place walking distance from our house that offers sushi for only $3 per plate. What’s even better is that the servings are quite small, which is probably something people don’t like, but I love because I can try so many different things without getting too full. And of course, the best part was that between my fiance and I, we ordered nine plates (five for me and four for him) and it came out to a whopping $27. When are you ever able to walk out of a sushi joint for only $27 for two people and be full?  (((happy)))

  • 1 spicy tuna roll
  • 1 spicy tuna roll with salmon
  • 2 salmon sushi
  • 2 tuna sushi
  • 2 tamago


  • 2 tangerines