Day One

Ohhh I do not like “Day Ones.” But how else do I define the first step back into my journey of healthy living?

Whatever reservations I may feel about it, without it, there cannot be a Day 100 or Day 365. And the latter cannot happen without a plan, and since I want to get to Day 365, here are the first steps of my plan to get 364 days past Day One.

Stage One: First 30 Days – Establishing Healthy Habits

  • Thursday weigh-ins
  • Food log: Week 1-2 – Log food only, Week 3-4 – Log food and calories (1200-1500)
  • Two ST exercises/day: Day One – Lunge and Plank, Day Two – Squats and Crunches
  • Cardio: 210 minutes/week
  • Stretch daily: Forward Bend, Down Dog, Pretzel

Stage Two: Month Two – Time to Sweat

  • Thursday weigh-ins
  • Month Two Progress pic
  • Food log: Food and calories
  • Three ST exercises/day
  • Cardio: Start Couch to 5k
  • Stretch daily

Stage Three: Month Three – Time to Sweat

  • Thursday weigh-ins
  • Month Three Progress pic
  • Food log: Food and calories
  • ST: Intensify, 3 days/week
  • Cardio: Continue Couch to 5k
  • Stretch daily