Back to Business Tuesday Mumbo Jumbo

After three luxurious days of sleeping in and relaxing, the last thing I want to do was wake up early for a workout.

But after almost a week of no workouts, there was no way I could skip today – especially since my leg feels okay again. So I took my time (read: 45 minutes) in sending step-by-step instructions to each muscle and limb to get myself out of bed. It was painful, but I finally did it and got dressed.

“Proof” that I got out of bed. NOT easy!

And tried to act thrilled about it.



But not after drinking a few big swigs of coffee. <– lifesaver

Cat on my office chair again. That little guy is such a boss!

Cat on my office chair again. That little guy is such a boss!

I pumped out 2.12 miles on my walk today, which may not sound impressive, but what was spectacular about it was that I didn’t experience any pain. There was a slight discomfort that started almost from the beginning, but it felt more like a stretch than pain or ache. In all, I consider it a massive improvement! Now to see if my leg will feel good enough to workout tomorrow as well… Crossing my fingers over here! 🙂

Random scenes from yesterday:

05/26: Weekend coffees are the best

Getting ready for a breakfast date with my fiance ❤

05/26 Brekkie: egg white veggie omelette, buttered wheat toast, bowl of fruit. Not pictured: 1/2 slice of white toast with butter

05/26 dinner: carne asada taco with refried beans and Cholula, 3/4 ear of buttered corn, and steamed veggies. Not pictured: additional 3/4 ear of buttered corn





  • Coffee: 12 oz
  • Silk vanilla soy creamer: 1.5 tbsp
  • Water: 90 oz


  • Egg white veggie omelette
  • 2 slices wheat toast with butter
  • 1/2 slice white toast with butter
  • 1 cup fruit

Lunch [pic]

  • Carne asada with 2 tbsp refriend beans on corn tortilla topped with Cholula
  • 2 – 3/4 ears of corn (1.5 total?)
  • Steamed veggies


  • Strawberries with Greek yogurt (plus few shakes of cinnamon, a splash of vanilla extract, and a dribble of honey)

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