Whisker Wednesday

Bloggy Stuff:

  • I have no idea why and how the cats always get photographed with a nice camera, yet when it comes to the dog, he gets my iPhone? I promise you he’s just as loved and gets the most treats in this house. I mean look: he has his own blankets, pillows and his own side of the couch. Spoiled much?
  • This will be the last Whisker Wednesday because… I’m moving it to Furry Furridays! For me, TGIF is never without a cute pic of something cuddly and furry, so why not my blog too, right? Right! 😉





Once again, waking up this morning was torture, but I did it:

And completed 2.04 miles. Woo!

Today was a GREAT workout – not the kind where my heart is about to beat out of my chest or where I turn bright red in the face (I miss those days), but for the simple reason that by the time I was done, I could have pushed for another 1/8 to 1/4 mile! It’s all the sign I need to know that my leg is healing for sure.

Normally, I am that crazy person who would celebrate that realization by pushing for that last extra distance, but I plan to work out tomorrow, and planning my first attempt at back-to-back workouts since I hurt my leg is already asking for a lot during the rehab process. Furthermore, even though my leg is improving, it did experience that familiar ache at 1.5 miles again, so I should just be grateful and not push it. 🙂



  • Jasmine tea: 32 oz
  • Coffee: 12 oz
  • Silk vanilla soy creamer: 1.5 tbsp
  • Water: 70 oz


  • 3/4 cup Fage 0% Greek yogurt
  • 1 banana
  • 31 g Special K Vanilla Almond cereal


  • A really, really REALLY big salad filled with good stuff


Wasn’t hungry, so skipped


  • Pan-fried steak
  • 2 half ears of corn (1 full ear?)
  • Steamed veggies


  • Strawberries in Greek yogurt (with cinnamon, vanilla extract and honey)

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