Little Chipotle

Happy Friday, friends!

Today I learned once again that I am perfectly capable of eating smaller meals and feeling full – or in other words, not overeat yet still feel satiated afterwards.

Typically at Chipotle, I get a salad bowl piled high with all my favorites, which is absolutely tasty, except for the fact that since I now drink so much water, I get so uncomfortably full afterwards. Today, I decided to get a salad with only lettuce, beans, fajita vegetables, chicken, tomato, green salsa, and tomatoes, therefore opting out of my other usual add-ins of brown rice, corn, and guacamole (and occasionally, chips!). And you know what? After I was done, not only was I stuffed after lunch, I couldn’t even eat my afternoon snack. To think, all that time I was eating extra stuff to make sure I would be adequately full when just half that does the job. Good to know.

So after I learned that today, I’m starting to wonder what other meals I’ve been overeating. I sort of eat a big breakfast, but I like the idea that it typically rides between 250 and 400 calories, especially since it’s usually my first meal after my morning workouts. When I eat out for my other meals, I can always make sure it’s like half a burrito, or one chicken breast and veggies, or half my sandwich so that I can eat the rest later. As for my meals at home, limit lunch and dinner to a meat and veggies (lunch would be smaller than dinner). Again, all I need to do is keep my kitchen stuffed with fun but healthy snacks and desserts and it will be enough to motivate me to eat smaller meals. Work in progress!


The problem with busting out squats yesterday after each bathroom break is that if you drink a lot of water like I do, you do a ton of squats. Like in the 120 range. And thanks to that, I have a super sore butt! I’m hoping I”ll be able to walk and sit down normally by Monday, ha.

Otherwise, no real exercise except for an itty bitty plank today and playing with the dog.



  • Jasmine tea: 16 oz
  • Water: 101.4 oz


McDonalds today!

  • 2 egg white delight with no cheese (400 calories total)


  • Chipotle salad: lettuce, black beans, fajita vegetables, chicken, green salsa, tomatoes. (website says 250 calories, but I’m sure it’s more because the helpings were deliciously generous)


Nothing today, as I was still full from lunch.


  • Vietnamese grilled pork bun with 2 egg rolls


  • 2 tangerines



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