My Cat is Boss and Thursday Weigh-In

Well, so much for my big plans to go to bed early. I was too busy watching – and then getting depressed! – the Clipper/OK Thunder game. Ahhh!!!!

On a different topic, can someone please ask my cat how I am supposed to work when every time I leave my chair for a minute, this happens?

Why yes, that torn up thing on my chair is an exercise mat, because it’s the only way I can think of protecting my chair when this little guy uses it as his personal climber and sleeping area every night.

And because it breaks my heart to move my little guy, this is how I end up working all day:

Ah, what can I say… I’m a pushover.


SW: 130.2 lbs, CW: 126.4 lbs Total Loss: 3.8 lbs

SW: 130.2 lbs, CW: 126.4 lbs
Total Loss: 3.8 lbs


Starting Weight: 130.2 lbs

Current Weight: 126.4 lbs
Total Loss: 3.8 lbs

Goal Weight: 109 lbs
Weight to Lose: 17.4 lbs

I still can’t believe that I managed to lose 4 pounds in a month. Not only is this unimaginable for someone of my 5’0 stature, but to think that I did not exercise (thank you injury! <– sarcasm) and excluded only chocolate and confections out of my diet. Never did I say no to butter, and I’m really happy about that because, well, I butter makes life so much tastier. Maybe one wouldn’t think so, but this news makes me even more itchy to start up my workouts again.

It’s funny to think that not too long ago, weighing anywhere over 120 lbs for me was an omg-no-way territory, and now the thought of riding into the 125’s would make me do cartwheels down my street. (Reminder: at my height, 130 lbs is considered “overweight” according to the BMI scale. And let’s face it, I was.) After bursting out of my “fat” pants, I’m finally beginning to fit into them, and I know that soon I will graduate my fat clothes out of my closet in favor for my “between lean and big” outfits. It’s coming, I can feel it!

LeBron agrees because, obviously, LeBron knows best.

A little recap since last week’s weigh-in:

  • Exercise: My leg has its on days and its off days, but one thing is for sure: it is getting stronger. I am now able to bust out squats throughout the day and be actively busy, although when I do do too much, I “hear” about it the next day. At the moment, I am projecting Monday or Wednesday as my come-back-to-cardio date. 🙂seinfeldexcited
  • Beverages: I’ve consistently consumed 100+ ounces of water a day, but starting a few days ago, I’ve strategized it so that I drink a whole bunch before meals.
  • Food: One day, I realized that I so was tired of eating big meals and feeling so full afterwards that I decided to split total meals into five a day: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert. It was difficult at first to believe that that much less food on my plate would satiate me, but combined with my new water drinking strategy, it worked! Eating smaller meals also allowed me to introduce other fun things into my diet: juicy tangerines and sweet strawberries bought from a local farm. I also have a bag of pistachios sitting on my kitchen counter that I am excited to eat. And since I’m a person who prefers sweet over savory, it’s nice to have room at the end of the day with dessert again.

What I will/need to work on:

  • Exercise: I get so excited at my leg’s progress that I need to remember to sloooooooow it down. The chances of re-injury is at its most in the early stages of healing, so I need to take it in baby-steps and incorporate rest. (The latter, I need to work on the most!)
  • Beverages: Continue drinking 100 oz a day, with at least 8 oz before every meal
  • Food: Continue eating smaller meals,
  • Get to bed earlier: If my leg is going to feel better enough to start my workouts again next week, I need to get this one down ASAP so I can wake up at 4:40 am again!
    • Finish all my work and chores around the house before lunch.
    • Complete my blog post before dinner time.
    • Start dinner at 4:30-4:45 pm to eat at 5:30 pm.
    • Get ready for bed at 8:00 pm, be in bed to read the news by 8:30 pm.
    • Lights out by 9:00 pm.


No cardio, but I’ve been completing a set of 15 squats like a boss after each bathroom break.  Hoorah!



  • Jasmine Tea: 16 oz
  • 101.4+ oz


  • 3/4 cup Fage 0% Greek Yogurt
  • 30 g Special K Vanilla Almond cereal
  • Strawberries


  • 3 oz Leftover pan-fried NY steak
  • 1 corn with buttah 😛
  • Sauteed veggies


None. Wasn’t hungry, possibly because my lunch was a tad too big.


  • 1 bowl of cereal
  • Almond milk


I never eat dessert after having cereal for dinner because the only thing I crave is cereal(because it is so sweet?). What usually happens instead is that I’ll have a bowl during dinner time and then have another an hour or so later, so they should probably be listed as two meals.

  • 1 bowl of cereal
  • Almond milk



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