TGIF! And maybe another week of recovery

TGIF people!

Today I came across an article on a sports injury clinic site that recommends therapy routine to strengthen a strained calf. Everything looked good and I was excited to get a plan together to work on my leg when I came across a sentence that said that once you can achieve three sets of 20 single calf raises pain-free, you can gradually ease into your regular workout routine.

Um, excuse me?

At the moment, my leg does not possess the strength to raise itself even an inch. It’s not exactly painful when I do it, but my leg generally shakes and feels very weak. So how can I even think of doing 60 calf raises?

I may need to tack on another week for recovery. May 7th now is my target date. Hmph.


None *sigh*



  • Jasmine Tea: 24+ oz <– Lost count how many ounces I drank today, but it was at least three mugs’  worth. Maybe four? However much I drank, it was enough to get me buzzin’!
  • 101.4+ oz (12.7 glasses)


  • 2 Egg White Delight w/no cheese from McDonald’s


  • A GINORMOUS salad from Chipotle – lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, green-chili salsa, fajita veggies, corn black beans, guacamole


  • Well-done brisket pho with vermicelli noodles and bean sprouts



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