Puppy GIF’s and Thursday Weigh-In

If I could physically run around in circles from happiness today, I would … because my left calf feels stronger! I’m not sure at this point what types of therapy to use on it to help it recover even faster, but it seems that what I’ve been doing – walking and resting – is helping it anyway. So I’m shoving my excitement a few notches down by continuing to not put too much weight on it, and monitor it closely.

Me, if my leg was at 100%

I can SEE the light at the end of the tunnel here. I’m seriously thinking next Wednesday as my first day back on my workouts – albeit very toned down sessions at first. But I’ll be back to being active and hopefully can finally get me on a path towards really losing those 18 pounds. I’m doing it, it’s happening!

I'm SO close!

I’m SO close!


SW: 130.2 lbs, CW: 127.0 lbs Total Loss: 3.2 lbs

SW: 130.2 lbs, CW: 127.0 lbs
Total Loss: 3.2 lbs

Starting Weight: 130.2 lbs

Current Weight: 127.0 lbs
Total Loss: 3.2 lbs

Goal Weight: 109 lbs
Weight to Lose: 18.0 lbs


I was NOT expecting a loss, even one so small as 1/4 of a pound, especially after eating all the deliciousness on Easter. Yes, I stopped when I was full, but my meal (brunch and lunch the day after) was definitely more rich than what I am used to. Then, toss the in fact that my injury caused me to be a lot less mobile. I’ve already told myself that staying the same weight would be a super win, so a loss to me is like… winning the lottery three times in a month.

A little recap since last week’s weigh-in:

  • Exercise: With the exception of a teensy session of seated aerobics (which made my leg feel worse that day), a big fat zero. 😦
  • Beverages: Consumed a minimum of 100 oz of water and jasmine tea on most days. The two days I didn’t drink tea, I consumed 100+ oz of water and 12 oz of coffee
  • Food: Still no chocolate, candies, and pastries, but otherwise no limits. Continued high fiber intake. Still using butter 😛

I’m not sure how much farther I can carry my weight loss without exercise, but hopefully my calf will be well enough for some walks. We’ll see what happens next week!


None *sigh*



  • Jasmine Tea: 20+ oz
  • 101.4+ oz (12.7 glasses)


  • 3/4 cup Fage 0% Greek Yogurt
  • 30 g Special K Vanilla Almond cereal
  • Strawberries



  • 2 tangerines


  • Cereal
  • Banana
  • Almond milk



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